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Historic Tax Rates in the United School District:

  • 2021-22:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2020-21:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2019-20:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2018-19:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2017-18:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2016-17:    11.1560 mills*

  • 2015-16:    102.1500 mills

  • 2014-15:    100.4500 mills

  • 2013-14:    98.7500 mills

  • 2012-13:    96.3500 mills

  • 2011-12:    94.0000 mills

  • 2010-11:    88.0000 mills

  • 2009-10:    82.0000 mills

  • 2008-09:    78.0000 mills

  • 2007-08:    73.7000 mills

  • 2006-07:    70.2000 mills

*Reassessment value ≈ 104.6500 mills

Property Tax Chart.png

For 10 years straight, from 2006 to 2016, the United School Board increased real property taxes by a whopping 49.07% on families residing in the district. After the brutal 2016 reassessment and scrutiny from the public, the United School Board capped their taxes following a two mill increase and adjustment for the newly assessed county valuations. However, the budget was never balanced causing the School Board to constantly borrow from the ever shrinking General Fund Pool — a setup for disaster.

My plan for lowering property tax focuses on balancing the budget by making district-wide cuts and reversing decades of collective bargaining handouts. My goal is to lower the property tax rate to 10.0000 mills by 2024. With this strategic reduction, property owners will see a savings of $1.00 for every $10.00 spent on real estate taxes. The average homeowner could save upwards of $150.00 on their annual tax bill.


Curriculum changes were few and far between during my six years at the United Jr/Sr High School. Because of the little-to-no change in curriculum, students at United lagged behind compared to state and national averages. I plan on revamping the whole system to provide a wide array of interesting courses that both meet and exceed national standards. It's time for a Student First agenda — and it starts with fostering a quality education for all the children and young adults attending United.


My Student First agenda prioritizes the freedom of expression and speech for every student attending United. Students should be encouraged to express themselves and socialize while at school. After all, students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.

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