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Write-ins Vie for United School Board

As seen across the nation, school boards are becoming the conservative battlegrounds in the fight for freedom. Protests from students and taxpayers have erupted in the wake of mask mandates, critical race theory, impending shutdowns and ever-increasing taxes. Parents are starting to question if these public schools are serving the community best. More importantly, constituents are beginning to wonder what exactly their board of education does.

Your boards control many facets of you and your children’s lives, from approving curriculum, to choosing bus companies and levying property taxes.

These school boards, however, have gone unchecked for far too long and are no longer accountable to their stakeholders. That can all change though, and it starts with electing strong and proven conservatives who stand for our values.

My alma mater, United School District, already has three fantastic write-in candidates running in the general election. James McCloskey III, a resident of Buffington Township, is running for school director in Region I (Brush Valley/Buffington townships). Candidates Meghan Rupert and Daniel Cramer-Nagle are running in East Wheatfield Township (Region II), against incumbents entering their second and third terms.

Our write-in candidates stand for property tax reform, balancing the budget and putting our rural values first. They pledge to reduce every property owner’s tax bill, incorporate new and engaging courses to United’s curriculum and give more educational control back to the parents and guardians. Many candidates run on false promises or do not take the effort to achieve them once in office. If you elect McCloskey III, Cramer-Nagle and Rupert, I can tell you that their promises will be kept.

Residents of United, I ask you to remember their names when it comes time to vote for school director on Nov. 2. They will bring the much-needed reforms to our district, rather than maintaining the stagnant status quo. It’s time to elect leaders who stand for the students and taxpayers of United School District — it’s time for reform now!

Hunter Overdorff

Brush Valley

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